About the Movie

Tangled is a great new film being produced by Pixxar and Disney. This is a modern interpretation of a classic story by Hans Christian Anderson rife with all the comforts of a modern Disney film. What especially intrigues me is the animation and stylish rendering of the characters.


The animation in Tangled will also attempt to preserve the softness of a painting. Rapunzel’s hair will play both a great role in the story and in show casing the new, fluid style of animation that will be carried throughout the entire film. Keane envisioned “luscious hair” soft and gold, keeping with that oil painting inspired look, rather than the photo-realistic direction that modern animation often takes. In order to accomplish this the animators employ round curves, subsurface scattering and what is known as spherical illumination in addition to a myriad of other techniques. All of these technologies work subtly in concert to provide a cinematic experience that Keane promises will be unlike anything we have yet to see.


Original music is being composed for the movie by famed composer Alan Menken who has also done soundtracks for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. Menken is also teaming up with lyricist Glenn Slater together they will be providing a large number of songs for this musical. Apparently the soundtrack is taking a 60s rock direction which should be very interesting given the previous movies.
Final Thoughts

Tangled should prove to be unlike any Disney movie we have ever seen before. Cutting edge technology combined with the artistic touch of yesteryear shall prove to provide a new layer of depth, warmth and romance to a classic story told for generations. No doubt such an awesome movie will provide equally awesome toys and I look forward to seeing what is in store for both the movie and the Tangled Doll merchandise.