Barbie Rapunzel Doll

Today I found a great Barbie Rapunzel Doll. Of course, this isn’t official movie merchandise but the quality and detail put into this doll is too good to ignore. If you are considering purchasing a high quality Rapunzel doll, this one should be at the top of your list. Lets take a look at what sets this Barbie apart from the pack.

Barbie Rapunzel Doll Features

First of all, like many of the Rapunzel dolls out there, the hair on this doll is extendable. She really does have beautiful hair, and it’s really long to begin with. In addition to that you get a second long flowing blond hair extension that attaches with Velcro. What this leaves you with is seriously authentic, really long hair on this doll.

Aside from the general high quality of this doll, another thing that sets this doll apart is the dress. Simply put, it’s a beautiful dress. It’s really well made and covered with sparkles and billows out effortless from her body. The designers at Barbie really hit it out of the park with this dress and I very much enjoy it.


As you might expect from a “Rapunzel” themed doll, this one comes with plenty of accessories. Most of these are hair related clips and a tiara, and she also comes with a very nice musical brush.

I think that the best part about this specific Rapunzel doll as that you can also get a Barbie Rapunzel Story Book to read with your daughter.

Any time I can get my kids a toy that they can have fun with, and can also provide some educational value, I’ll usually pick that over just another toy. This is a great way to step away from the TV, sit down with your daughter, and have a wholesome and fun moment you will both remember many years to come.

Where Can I Find the Best Deal on the Barbie as Rapunzel Doll?

After doing some comparison shopping it looks like Amazon has the best deal on the doll. They aren’t offering free shipping, but the shipping does look very reasonable. Click here to buy the Barbie as Rapunzel Doll on Amazon.

Where can I find more reviews of the Barbie as Rapunzel Doll?

To find more reviews from people who own the doll, the best place to go is Amazon. So far the doll has received over 20 reviews, most of them have been great. You can read more Barbie as Rapunzel reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

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