Buyer’s Guide

I’m like any other Mom, I love providing great toys for my kids, but I’m always looking out for the best deals. That’s part of the reason why I made this site. I wanted to keep tabs on the movie Tangled and round up the best deals on toys and accessories from the movie. I want to help you make an informed buying decision and have fun shopping for your children.

I’ve done a fair amount of research and I’ve found out that Amazon is the best place online to buy Rapunzel Dolls. I have several reasons for this.


First off, Amazon almost always has the best price. I know price is a major consideration when making a purchase, and Amazon consistently has some of the lowest prices on the net. They are a large online store and they do a lot of business so they can offer the best prices. One site that a lot of people consider for Tangled merchandise is the Disney store. I advise against shopping at the Disney store because their prices are outrageous. With Amazon your dollar goes much further.


Second, Amazon has the best shipping. Sometimes another website will offer a slightly better price on an item, but Amazon almost always makes up for it with free shipping (and other benefits I’ll explain below). Not only is their shipping free, but it’s also really good. I’ve ordered stuff on Monday with their free shipping and received it as early as Wednesday. If you have to get it sooner their other shipping methods are reasonably priced as well.


Third, Amazon is secure. I feel so much better ordering things off of Amazon because I know that my information is safe. With other websites there is always that question of security. “Is my credit card and personal information safe?” “Will I actually get my order?” “Will it arrive as described?” Why take a chance with another site? Go with a site you can trust like Amazon.


Finally, Amazon has the best customer service and return policies. If you get the product and it wasn’t what you expected, or need to return it for any reason, Amazon offers a very generous return policy. In fact, Amazon called me today with a question about a recent purchase I made. They wanted to double check the address I was shipping to. It turns out, I made a mistake filling out the form. They corrected the error and the package will arrive tomorrow. You can’t beat that kind of service. If you have a question about your order, you can call them up 24 hours a day.


Ultimately I find that Amazon usually has the lowest prices, with a generous return policy and good customer support. The only difference is that you don’t have to deal with the long lines, and for a busy mom like me, that means I can spend more time doing the stuff that really matters. Click here to shop for Rapunzel Doll and Tangled Toys and Games on Amazon