Disney Frozen My Size Anna Doll

I am super stoked to blog about the Disney Frozen My Size Anna Doll. This doll is over three feet tall. My daughter was big into the 3 foot tall Rapunzel doll when that came out, and this Anna Doll is just as nice, but of course is from the new Frozen movie.

The nice thing about these dolls is how they are full size like this. It definitely kicks things up a notch when compared with your more standard sized dolls. I would say this doll is ideal for when your daughter doesn’t have a play date. This is the perfect everyday companion that patiently takes it all. Your little girl can play with the Anna doll and pretend it is her friend or a sibling.

From a construction standpoint this doll is extremely well made. The face on it is very pretty and the hair is soft and easy to comb. The clothes are detailed and are very nice and comes with slippers. I will say that the dress will only fit the doll. This doll can stand on its own and the arms and legs are bendable so she can sit down.

A light up hair clip comes with the doll. The nice thing about that is that either the doll or your daughter can wear the hair clip, and it lights up with the turn of a switch. AA batteries are included.

This is going to be a hot gift for Christmas 2014 get it while you still can.

I recommend purchasing the My Size Anna Doll at Amazon. They seem to have the best deal on the doll with their free shipping and most importantly they actually have the Anna doll in stock.

Current Price: $135.14
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