Disney Singing Tangled Rapunzel Doll

I just found a VERY exciting new Rapunzel doll! It came out right after the release of the movie and it is a very special doll. It is the Disney Singing Tangled Rapunzel Doll. This is a Disney exclusive and it has been generating a lot of buzz among media and fans of the movie alike. I am going to provide my personal review and first impressions of the doll.

Singing Rapunzel Doll Available on Amazon

The Singing Rapunzel Doll

So the first question on everyone’s mind is the singing. What does the doll sing and how does it sound?

The doll sings “When Will My Life Begin,” which is performed by Mandy Moore. It sounds AWESOME. In case you have been living under a toadstool, Mandy Moore is the voice of Rapunzel in the Disney movie Tangled. Mandy sings “When Will My Life Begin,” in the movie, and it’s actually Rapunzel’s signature song.

Singing Rapunzel Doll Available on Amazon

The singing is implemented very well. She sings when you gently squeeze her hand and her voice is beautiful and clear, just like in the movie. The doll even comes with batteries which is a nice touch. I’m sure my daughters will love singing along with Rapunzel.

My Impressions of the Doll

Ok, the first thing you have to realize, is that the doll measures 17″ tall. That may not mean much on paper, but prepare yourself, this is a TALL Rapunzel doll, and makes for a very substantial gift. I know others have gone so far as to call her “Glorious” and I kind of like that. This is Rapunzel in all her glory.

What I also noticed is that this doll looks different from any of the other Rapunzel dolls being offered. Her face is a little rounder, and a little softer. It gives her a kinder, less mischievous appearance than Rapunzel in the movie, but she is beautifully detailed with light freckles and big green eyes. I do like the look of her.

Her hair falls to the floor feet in long golden tumbles. It’s obvious that Disney opted for a very high level of manufacturing and the level of fit and finish is on par with any of the Barbie Rapunzel Dolls.

The Singing Rapunzel doll comes with a very richly detailed gown with a lace up bodice. This is a long, billowy, dress that is purple with purple flowers and is gently finished in iridescent highlights that compliments the shine of Rapunzel’s hair. This is the exact same dress Rapunzel wears in the movie. I love the authenticity and detail Disney chose with this dress.

Singing Rapunzel Doll - Available on Amazon

All in all this is a great doll, for a little girl or a collector. Disney has absolutely hit this one out of the park and I think it’s great that they held this one back in reserve as a surprise coinciding with the movie release.

Where Can I Find the Best Deal On The Singing Rapunzel Doll?

The Disney Singing Tangled Rapunzel Doll is currently for sale on Amazon. I’ve done some comparison shopping and if you are looking to buy the Singing Rapunzel Doll, this is by far the cheapest you will find her for. On that note, I think the price is very reasonable considering the size, quality and singing features. Click here to Buy the Disney Singing Tangled Rapunzel Doll on Amazon

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