Rapunzel Doll Fairytale Tower

Now even I have to admit, this Rapunzel Doll Fairytale Tower is impressive. It’s a giant tower that stands over 3 feet tall.

Tangled Fairytale Tower Features and Details

This tower has a lot going on, which means it will likely get a lot of playtime attention. There are 5 rooms in the tower, each full of furniture. Rapunzel’s chameleon pal Pascal is there to slowly pad around and inject humor. There are all sorts of little secret compartment which can be used to hide Rapunzel’s crown and other goodies. Everything opens up and pulls out. It’s richly detailed with all kinds of vibrant colors. You can change the murals on the walls by “painting” them with cold water.

There is also an extra hair extension that can be attached to the tower so people can climb up it, or to attach to Rapunzel herself for an extra long hair extension.

Where Can I Buy the Rapunzel Doll FairyTale Tower?

The Rapunzel FairyTale Tower is currently available on Amazon. Right now they are offering free shipping with this tower. I’ve done some comparison shopping and Amazon does currently have the best deal, especially when you consider the shipping. Click Here to Buy the Rapunzel Doll Fairytale Tower.

Where Can I Learn More about the Rapunzel FairyTale Tower?

The best place to go to read reviews from people who actually own the tower and learn more is Amazon. Click Here to Lear More about the Rapunzel Tower on Amazon.

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