Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll

So I was looking for a nice high quality Rapunzel doll for my little niece Jessica. I know there are a few high quality Barbie Rapunzel dolls out there but I was looking for some official Disney merchandise to capture the charm of the movie a bit more. As I was browsing through the various options I cam across the Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll.

All about the Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll

This Rapunzel doll is made by Mattel and as you may know, they have the exclusive license to make official Disney Tangled dolls that look like Rapunzel from the movie. I like Mattel, they remind me of my childhood and they typically make some nice toys.

This particular Rapunzel doll is a nice size. She’s a little over a foot tall and has long blond hair that falls to her ankles in a long shimmery wave. She also has a long braid. The braid is actually retractable so that is where the “grow” aspect of the Grow and Style Doll come into play. She has big green eyes and comes with a soft lavender dress with matching slippers. She really is a very pretty doll.

I also like the accessories she comes with. As you know a large part of the fun with owning a doll like this is styling her hair, and this Rapunzel doll allows for a lot of styling options. She comes with a lot of little gemstones, flowers, and clips and of course a big brush. A neat feature with the brush is that it has a door on the back of it so you can store all of the little accessories in side of it.

All in all this is a very nice option for a plain Rapunzel Doll. I know there is a lot of playability with this kind of toy, and I think it is just the thicket for my niece.

Where Can I buy the Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll?

Rapunzel is available on Amazon. Right now they are offering the doll with free shipping. I’ve done some comparison shopping and Amazon does currently have the best deal, especially with the free shipping. Click here to Buy the Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Reviews on The Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll?

For more reviews from people who have purchased the doll I would recommend Amazon. Click here to read more Rapunzel Grow and Style Doll reviews on Amazon.

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