Tangled Rapunzel Fairytale Friend My Size Doll Three Feet Tall

I am very excited about the Tangled Rapunzel Fairytale Friend My Size Doll Three Feet Tall. There has been a lot of buzz about this doll and I that is because there is potential for hours and hours of play time with it.

A Three Foot Tall Rapunzel Doll!

This Rapunzel beautiful doll measures 38 inches, which is just over three feet tall at 38″. Make no mistake, this is the biggest Rapunzel doll ever. It will absolutely dwarf a Barbie. If you are considering giving a Rapunzel doll as a gift and you want to make a big impression, this is the doll for you. I am pretty sure your little girl would love to play with a Rapunzel doll as tall as she is. Well, I at least know my youngest daughter has been hinting at it. 😉

The My Size Rapunzel Doll comes with a light up hair clip that the doll or your girl can wear, along with a very pretty fairytale dress and slippers. I’ve noticed that the hair is very long on this doll and is of exceptional quality. She is a very pretty doll. I think this is one of the more interesting tangled doll options out there.

More on the Accessories and Dress

So this Rapunzel doll comes with a very pretty light up hair clip. This is a clip that could actually be worn by the doll or your daughter. I like how after a while the hair clip turns off on it’s own. The dress is made of a very nice material and it’s just as high quality as the rest of the doll. The dress looks like the one Rapunzel wears in the movie and it has 2 layers of fabric. The My Size Doll also comes with little fabric slippers that are very soft.

Where Can I Buy the Tangled Rapunzel Fairytale Friend My Size Doll?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking where the best deal is for the three feet tall Rapunzel doll. It is my understanding that these dolls are getting harder to find so it might make sense to buy now rather than having to bid on the overpriced dolls sold on Ebay if stores run out of stock. After doing some comparison shopping, it looks like Amazon has the best deal on the doll. In fact, I really couldn’t find any other online merchants that carry it. Click here to buy the Tangled My Size Doll on Amazon.

List Price: $79.99
Current Price: $110.00
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