Disney Tangled Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll and Furniture Playset

Today I am looking at a new doll, the Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll and Furniture Playset. Ok, so the title of this Rapunzel doll is a bit of a tongue-twister but ultimately I see a lot of value here with this very inexpensive toy.

First of all, we have the doll itself, which is a nice standard Rapunzel Doll. Her hair is very very long (although it isn’t extendable like some of the other dolls) and she looks like she is right out of the movie which is awesome. But not only do you get the doll here, but she comes with tons of furniture and stuff:

Included are some accessories modeled after set pieces from the movie. The accessories include a “magic” easel and palette, authentic furniture, and Rapunzel’s notorious chameleon companion from the movie, Pascal. What this gives you is everything needed to act out a lot of the scenes from the movie which I think is really cool.

Where Can I Buy the Tangled Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll?

The Disney Tangled Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll is for sale on Amazon. Currently this item is eligible for free shipping. I’ve done some online comparison shopping for this doll and currently Amazon has the best deal, especially if you get it with the free shipping. Click here to buy the Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Tangled Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll Reviews?

The best place for reviews from people who own the doll is on Amazon. Click here to read more Rapunzel Tower Treasures Doll Reviews on Amazon.

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